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About the company

«3DStudio24» company offers services for the creation of interactive three-dimensional models, interactive presentations, video presentations, 3D visualization, and web-development resources.

The company has considerable experience in modeling of a wide range of objects from the simplest buildings (houses, apartment buildings, schools, universities, etc.) to complex industrial facilities (power plants, thermal power plants, factories, etc.).

The name «3DStudio24» aptly describes the main task of the company - to help you effectively reach key targets using three-dimensional modeling.


3d interactiveInteractive 3D and flash presentations

Interactive 3D presentation is now a unique service. Interactivity makes a presentation flexible and versatile. One presentation may be used for different audiences and it will be equally interesting to them. Interactivity allows you to change the object or scenario of a presentation in process of demonstration. Another effective option of interactivity is interactive screens where a customer can see the products and services of the company, get a full picture.

3d room3D movies

3D video gives a clear idea of your product or service. In living colours it will demonstrate competitive advantages and will attract new customers. The photorealism of pictures and detailed representation will show how a product which is still in plans will look and work.

3d city Functional 3D models

Functional load of a 3D model makes it a major tool in professional hands. The possibility to change the model in real time, to simulate the process or situation in a changing environment makes good use of these three-dimensional models in civil defence, security services and law enforcement agencies.

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